" Your Safety at Work "

LV102-150  / LVA050

Deltaplus LV102-150
Anchorage ring with high tenacity polyester strap. Width 45 mm. End loop with shrinkage and steel anchor D.
Straps: High tenacity polyester.
D anchor: Steel.
Length: 1.50M
Compliance: CE EN795 Type B ,  CE EN354

Deltaplus LVA050
Anchorage lanyard in high tenacity polyester strap. 2 steel anchor D.
Strap: high tenacity polyester.
D anchor: steel.
Length: 0.50M
Compliance: ANSI Z359.1

LV100  / LV105

Deltaplus LV100
Stainless steel anchorage mounting plate with screws Ø 12 mm.
Complaince: CE EN795 Type A 

Deltaplus LV105
Anchorage with stainless steel eye Ø 12 mm. Overall length 140 mm. Rod length (under flange) 100 mm. Thread length 80 mm.
Compliance: CE EN795 Type A

AM025  / AM002

Deltaplus AM025
Automatic lock carabiners in light alloy. Opening 22 mm. Ring 1/4 turn. R > 25 kN.
Compliance: CE EN362 Class B

Deltaplus AM002
screw lock carabiners in galvanized steel. Opening 16 mm. R > 23 kN.
Compliance: CE EN362 Class B

AF-76B  / AF-75

Adela AF-76B

Aluminum Alloy Carabiner - Twist Lock

Strength: 22kN / Gate Open: 22mm 

Length: 110mm / Weight: 83g

Compliance: CE EN362:2004/B

Adela AF-75

Aluminum Alloy Carabiner - Screw Lock

Strength: 22kN / Gate Open: 22mm

Length: 110mm / Weight: 77g

Compliance: CE EN362:2004/B

HA200  / HA204

Deltaplus HA200
Tool holder. Extended length: 1 m. Maximum working load: 4 kg. Polyamide.

Deltaplus HA204
Retractable tool holder. Extended length: 1.1 m. Maximum working load: 0.5 kg. Thermoplastic.


Karam KTL-500
Twin Tool Lanyard with Mini Karabiner
Made of 16mm wide tubular webbing.
Can hold tools up to 10kg


Deltaplus LV400
Telescopic rod with 5 sections. Closed length 2 m. Open Length 8 m. Material insulates to 30kV.
This item is not a P.P.E.
Rod: Fiberglass
Colour : Red-Fluorescent yellow


Portwest FP01

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline - 20 Meters

Constructed with precision engineering and rigorously tested to meet industry standards, the temporary horizontal lifeline is quick and easy to install, extending up to 20 metres in length. Once elevated, this lifeline allows up to two workers to move safely along the line.

Compliance: CE EN795


Karam KR3000
Horizon Temporary Horizontal Webbing Anchorage Line - 20M
Made up of 30 mm Polyester Webbing equipped with the KARAM Ratchet Tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two structures.
Available Length- Total 20m, thus the user can use it for a length ranging from 5m to 20m. Tested & Certified for use by Two Users simultaneously.
Conforms to EN 795:1996, Class B

RA038  / TC008

Deltaplus RA038
PVC fabric bag for storage and protection of equipments during transport. Dimensions: 22x33 cm.

Deltaplus TC008
PVC fabric bag for storage and protection of equipments during transport. Dimensions: 30 x 65 cm.