" Your Safety at Work "

LV102-150  / LVA050

Deltaplus LV102-150
Anchorage ring with high tenacity polyester strap. Width 45 mm. End loop with shrinkage and steel anchor D.
Straps: High tenacity polyester.
D anchor: Steel.
Length: 1.50M
Compliance: CE EN795 Type B ,  CE EN354

Deltaplus LVA050
Anchorage lanyard in high tenacity polyester strap. 2 steel anchor D.
Strap: high tenacity polyester.
D anchor: steel.
Length: 0.50M
Compliance: ANSI Z359.1

LV100  / LV105

Deltaplus LV100
Stainless steel anchorage mounting plate with screws Ø 12 mm.
Complaince: CE EN795 Type A 

Deltaplus LV105
Anchorage with stainless steel eye Ø 12 mm. Overall length 140 mm. Rod length (under flange) 100 mm. Thread length 80 mm.
Compliance: CE EN795 Type A

LV106   / LV120G

Deltaplus LV106
Swivel anchorage point in stainless steel, for vertical or horizontal installation (ceiling).
Compliance: CE EN795 Type A

Deltaplus LV120G
Transportable anchorage point, galvanized steel, for door frame or window of 63 to 123 cm. Adjustable with clamping screw.
Compliance: CE EN795 Type B / TS16415-2

AM025  / AM002

Deltaplus AM025
Automatic lock carabiners in light alloy. Opening 22 mm. Ring 1/4 turn. R > 25 kN.
Compliance: CE EN362 Class B

Deltaplus AM002
screw lock carabiners in galvanized steel. Opening 16 mm. R > 23 kN.
Compliance: CE EN362 Class B

AF-76B  / AF-75

Adela AF-76B

Aluminum Alloy Carabiner - Twist Lock

Strength: 22kN / Gate Open: 22mm 

Length: 110mm / Weight: 83g

Compliance: CE EN362:2004/B

Adela AF-75

Aluminum Alloy Carabiner - Screw Lock

Strength: 22kN / Gate Open: 22mm

Length: 110mm / Weight: 77g

Compliance: CE EN362:2004/B

HA200  / HA204

Deltaplus HA200
Tool holder. Extended length: 1 m. Maximum working load: 4 kg. Polyamide.

Deltaplus HA204
Retractable tool holder. Extended length: 1.1 m. Maximum working load: 0.5 kg. Thermoplastic.


Karam KTL-500
Twin Tool Lanyard with Mini Karabiner
Made of 16mm wide tubular webbing.
Can hold tools up to 10kg


Deltaplus LV400
Telescopic rod with 5 sections. Closed length 2 m. Open Length 8 m. Material insulates to 30kV.
This item is not a P.P.E.
Rod: Fiberglass
Colour : Red-Fluorescent yellow


Deltaplus LV201

SpeedLine Temporary Lifeline - 20M

Temporary horizontal lifeline with certified strap for 2 people

Adjustment of length and tension with a ratchet tensioner

Equipped with 2 karabiners

Bag for storage and transport

Length: 2.5m - 20m

Conforms to EN795-B


Karam KR3000
Horizon Temporary Horizontal Webbing Anchorage Line - 20M
Made up of 30 mm Polyester Webbing equipped with the KARAM Ratchet Tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two structures.
Available Length- Total 20m, thus the user can use it for a length ranging from 5m to 20m. Tested & Certified for use by Two Users simultaneously.
Conforms to EN 795:1996, Class B

RA038  / TC008

Deltaplus RA038
PVC fabric bag for storage and protection of equipments during transport. Dimensions: 22x33 cm.

Deltaplus TC008
PVC fabric bag for storage and protection of equipments during transport. Dimensions: 30 x 65 cm.