" Your Safety at Work "

HERCULE Nitrile Foam Cold Gloves -15°C
Inside: 100% acrylic gauge 7. Outside: 100% polyamide gauge 13. 3/4 foam nitrile coating on palm, fingers and half back.
Ideal in cold environments down to -15°C
Support: polyamide/ acrylic.
Coating: nitrile foam.
Compliance: CE EN3883233X / EN511 X2X
THRYM Latex Cold Glove -30°C
Inside: 100% acrylic gauge 10. Outside: 100% polyamide gauge 15. Full latex coating of the hand. Second foam latex coating on palm and fingertips. Ideal in cold environments down to -30°C
Support: polyamide/ acrylic.
Coating: Latex.
Compliance: CE EN388 2231X / EN511 122

CHEMSAFE Plus Winter Gloves 12"
Double PVC/nitrile coating on acrylic lining gauge 10. Third rough PVC/nitrile coating on hand. Length: 12". Thickness: 1.15 mm on cuff - 1.35 mm on palm.

Support: 100% acrylic.
Coating: PVC/ nitrile.
Size: 09, 10
Compliance: CE EN388 3221A / EN511 111
EN374-1 Type A


Honeywell 2058685 
Cryogenic Glove - 170°C.
Protection against small drops of liquid gas up to - 170°C.
Water-repellent silicone cowhide grain leather glove. Fully lined with 2 aluminium/fleece layers
Gunn cut, winged thumb, crispin type
Reinforcement between thumb and index
200 mm split leather cuff
Velcro® adjustment strap on side of the palm
Conforms to EN511 220 & EN388 3222