" Your Safety at Work "


LotoMaster Pneumatic & Plug Lockout

Device is made of rugged polypropylene and is designed for 220/500V electrical plugs. Includes Danger message printed on device to alert workers of lockout in progress.

Use when plug will not remain under the exclusive control of the person performing service or maintenance. 

Can also be used to lockout air hose nipples.




OshaLock Waterproff Plug Lockout

Made from engineering plastic PC material.

Suitable for 16-125A industrial waterproof plug


LotoMaster Plug Lockout

Plug Lockout accommodates high and low-voltage plugs up to 3" in diameter and 5 1/2" in length. 2 sliding top lids can be used individually or together to fit small, medium and large-diameter cords up to 1 1/4". Plug lockout is made of bright yellow thermoplastic material.




MasterLock Universal Wall Switch Cover Lockout

Universal wall switch cover fits both standard toggle and Decora paddle wall switches. Use for locking switch in the off position or to prevent accidental shutoff of circuits when switch is in the on-position. Hinges open for unobstructed normal operations of the switch. Included labels are in English/Spanish and English/French.