" Your Safety at Work "


Deltaplus VENICUT52
250°C Heat resistant
HEATnocut® high performance polyethylene fibre. Latex coating on palm and fingertips. Gauge 10.

Support: HEATnocut® fibre (high performance synthetic fibres).
Coating : 100% latex.
Sizes: 08, 09, 10
Compliance: CE EN388 3X42D / EN407 / ANSI-ISEA 105 A3 


Deltaplus KPG10

Kevlar Gloves

250°C Heat resistant

Kevlar Technology outside. 100% cotton lining. Gauge 7

Optimal cut performance and good resistance to heat. Excellent balance between heat resistance and dexterity

Compliance: CE EN388 1X4XD

                     CE EN407 42XXXX


MCR 9440KM

Kevlar Terry Cloth Gloves

Made with regular weight 100% yellow DuPont™ Kevlar brand fibers with the loop-out for additional strength and resistant to heat, cut, slash and abrasion. Designed to be durable and wear longer. Features domestic, seamless, reversible pattern and cotton knit wrist. Temperature range (Fahrenheit) = 200-250 degrees

Holding cycle = 0-30 seconds

Excellent for Heat & abrasion


Zetex ZPG14

Zetex Plus Gloves 14

With Nomex Aramid fibers liner. Provide excellent abrasion and cut resistance. High-temperature performance up to 2000 ˚f
• Length : 14 inches


Blue Eagle AL165

Aluminized Aramid Gloves 16"

Made of woven fabric of aramid fiber blend over a fiberglass core yarn, aluminum laminate 1 side. 

Size: 11" , Length: 16" 

Resist heat up to 250 degrees celcius 

Ideal for use in steel mills, casting shops, heat treating operations and foundries.

Compliance: CE EN420, EN407, EN388


Deltaplus TERK400
Leather Hide / Aluminized Back
100°C Heat resistant
Heat-resistant cowhide split leather palm (HR). Aluminised Kevlar Preox® back. Wool fleece lining. Kevlar® Technology sewn. American assembly. 20 cm cuff. Length: 40 cm.
Compliance: CE EN388 3244X / EN407 413444 / EN2477 Type A


Deltaplus TERK500

XTREM  Heat & Cut Resistance Gloves

500°C Heat resistant

Outside aramid fabric. 100% cotton inside. 16 cm cuff. Length: 36 cm.

Double insulation, Optimum performance for cuts and heat 

Compliance: CE EN388 2541E / EN407 44424X


Deltaplus VENICUT5M
HEATnocut® Knitted Sleeves
High performance polyethylene fibre. Knitted sleeve with thumbhole. Length 45 cm. Gauge 13.
Colour: Yellow-Grey
Compliance: CE EN388 3X4XC
                     ANSI-ISEA 105 A2