" Your Safety at Work "


Deltaplus TC001

Ventral opening blocker type in aluminium alloy. Works on braided rope Ø 8 to 13 mm.

Compliance: CE EN567

TC002   / TC003

Deltaplus TC002 - Right Hand / TC003 - Left Hand
Aluminum ascension handle in aluminium alloy. Works on braided rope Ø 8 to 13 mm.
Compliance: CE EN567

TC004   / TC044

Deltaplus TC004    /   TC044 Rescue Eight
Safety figure of eight in aluminium alloy. Descender
Works on braided rope Ø 9 to 16 mm.

AF-78   / AF-79

Adela AF-78 
Figure 8 Descender

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Strength: 30kN / Length: 14.5m

Inner Diameter: Big: 52mm Small 26mm

Compliance: CE EN362

Adela AF-79 
Figure 8 Descender w/ Oxhorn

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Strength: 40kN / Weight: 268g

Inner Diameter: Big: 71mm Small 40mm

Compliance: CE EN362


Deltaplus TC006

DESCORD Self Locking Descender

Self Locking descender with double security ( anti-panic system) in aluminum. Intended for works on braided rope 9-12mm

Compliance: CE EN341 Class A

                     CE EN12841 Type C

TC005   / TC015

Deltaplus TC005 - Single    / TC015 - Double  
Oscillating pulley flanges in aluminium alloy. Intended for works on braided rope less than Ø 16 mm. Aluminium alloy.
Compliance: CE EN12278

AG-012  / AG-013

Adela AG-012 
Single Sheave Pulley

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bearings: Brass / Breaking Load: 32kN

Max Working Load: 8kN / Weight: 255g

Adela AG-013

Large Rescue Pulley - Double

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bearings: Brass / Rope Size: Max. 16mm

B/S: 32kN / Weight: 440g

Compliance: CE EN362


Adela AG-014 
Tandem Pulley

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Breaking Load: 25kN

Max Working Load: 10kN

Specification: Aluminum alloy body and wheels and bearings. (Stainless wheels for wire cable as option), accommodates ropes up to 13mm synthetic rope and option for steel cables up to 12mm in diameter.

AR-01  /  AR-02  / AR-03

Adela Paws Rigging Plate
Aluminum Alloy material
AR-01 Blue Medium, 40kn   / AR-02 Yellow Large, 40kn   / AR-03 Red Small, 30kn


Adela CH-4502
Rock Climbing Harness
Adjustable leg loops allow suitable
Waist pad with lateral gear loops
Detachable elastic thigh loop straps
Comfortable and pliable webbing to minimize the pressure
Suitable for maximum waist size from 85~110cm (33”~43”)


Deltaplus TC012
Mono stirrup adjustable strap 25 mm from 90 to 120 cm. Pedal ascent. To pair with TC002 or TC003.


Deltaplus TC009
Semi-static braided rope Ø 10,5 mm - 
Polyamide. White
Compliance: CE EN1891 Type A
Length Available : 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m


Adela TC011
Safety Rope 

Specification: Used to support emergency services personal and civilians during training, rescue and fire fighting.

Size: 11mm

Length: 200 Meters


LifeGear NR16 

Nylon Rope 16mm

Three Strand Twisted Blue/White Nylon. High strength and elasticity. Holds knots well. Weight capacity: 700kg
200 meters/roll.