" Your Safety at Work "

Adela Paws Rigging Plate
Aluminum Alloy material
AR-03 Red Small, 30kn   /  AR-01 Blue Medium, 40kn   / AR-02 Yellow Large, 40kn   
Single Sheave Pulley

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bearings: Brass / Breaking Load: 32kN

Max Working Load: 8kN / Weight: 255g


Large Rescue Pulley - Double

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Bearings: Brass / Rope Size: Max. 16mm

B/S: 32kN / Weight: 440g

Compliance: CE EN362

Tandem Pulley

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Breaking Load: 25kN

Max Working Load: 10kN

Specification: Aluminum alloy body and wheels and bearings.

Figure 8 Descender

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Strength: 30kN / Length: 14.5m

Inner Diameter: Big: 52mm Small 26mm

Compliance: CE EN362

Figure 8 Descender w/ Oxhorn

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Strength: 40kN / Weight: 268g

Inner Diameter: Big: 71mm Small 40mm

Compliance: CE EN362

Rock Climbing Harness
Adjustable leg loops allow suitable
Waist pad with lateral gear loops
Suitable for maximum waist size from 85~110cm (33”~43”)
Safety Rope 

Specification: Used to support emergency services personal and civilians during training, rescue and fire fighting.

Size: 11mm

Length: 200 Meters

TC002 - Right Hand / TC003 - Left Hand
Aluminum ascension handle in aluminium alloy. Works on braided rope Ø 8 to 13 mm.
Compliance: CE EN567
TC004    /   TC044 Rescue Eight
Safety figure of eight in aluminium alloy. Descender
Works on braided rope Ø 9 to 16 mm.


Ventral opening blocker type in aluminium alloy. Works on braided rope Ø 8 to 13 mm.

Compliance: CE EN567


DESCORD Self Locking Descender

Self Locking descender with double security ( anti-panic system) in aluminum. Intended for works on braided rope 9-12mm

Compliance: CE EN341 Class A

                     CE EN12841 Type C

TC005 - Single    / TC015 - Double  
Oscillating pulley flanges in aluminium alloy. Intended for works on braided rope less than Ø 16 mm. Aluminium alloy.
Compliance: CE EN12278
Mono stirrup adjustable strap 25 mm from 90 to 120 cm. Pedal ascent. To pair with TC002 or TC003.
Semi-static braided rope Ø 10,5 mm - 
Polyamide. White
Compliance: CE EN1891 Type A
Length Available : 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m



Nylon Rope 16mm

Three Strand Twisted Blue/White Nylon. High strength and elasticity. Holds knots well. Weight capacity: 700kg
200 meters/roll.